Battery Powered Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Model: HHG-16BD

TLP Hydraulic Rebar Cutters are widely used in various industries where quick cutting of steel rebars is required, such as steel
plants, railroads, construction fieds, oil & gas, mining, etc. The tools can make fast cut without generating any scraps or sparks,
causing no harm to the enviroment and reducing the danger of personal injury. Characterised by leightweight and high
portability, the tools are ideal for overhead work.


●High performance 18V Li-Ion battery.
●Blades made of high strength steel, specially hardened for durability.
●Open head for easy insertion of rebars.
●Fast cutting speed, 4-5 seconds per cycle.
●Fast cutting speed, small cycle time.
●Ergonomic handle and balanced center of gravity.
●Designed to cut one-time disposable locks, shipping container seals, small diameter bolts, construction rebars, threaded rods, etc.