Two-stage Bolt Tensioners, HHLS-TT36, HHLS-TT42, HHLS-TT48

Two-stage Bolt Tensioner Model: HHLS-TT36, HHLS-TT42, HHLS-TT48  Characteristics: Max working pressure: 1500bar Specially designed for wind generator set Two-stage cylinder design with smaller outside diameter   ●Two-stage cylinder design increases the tensioning length. ●Made of special high strength steel, rust-proof and corrosion resistant surface treatment. ●Smaller outside diameter permits use in narrow space. ●Spring return…

Ultra-high Pessure Hand Pumps, HHB-180, HHB-280

Ultra-high Pessure Hand Pumps Model:HHB-180, HHB-280  Characteristics: Max working pressure: 2000bar Hydraulic bolt tensioner pumps   ●Lightweight and portable high-pressure hand pump. ●Two-speed operation displaces a larger volume of oil per stroke, reducing cycle times for many testing applications. ●Built-in pressure relief valve to prevent overpressurization. ●Includes a pressure gauge, coupler and 2-meter long high…

Electric Tensioner Pumps, HHB-150P, HHB-200P, HHB-250P

Electric Tensioner Pump Model: HHB-150P, HHB-200P, HHB-250P  Characteristics: Hydraulic bolt tensioner pumps Oil reservoir:5L Hydraulic flow at rated pressure:0.08-0.11L/Min Motor:850W Rated pressure:21750PSI-36250PSI (1500bar-2500bar) Weight without oil:39.7lb (18Kg)   ●2-stage piston pump without booster ●Servo motor, lower noisy level and free maintenance ●Internal safety valve, 5% over rated pressure release automatically ●Adjustable overflow valve, easy operation…

Hydraulic Wedge Spreader, HHP-1481

Hydraulic Wedge Spreader Model: HHP-1481  Characteristics: ●Operated by hydraulic pump with rated pressure of 700 bar. ●Use stepped blocks to increase wedge opening up to 81 mm. ●Supplied with R2 3/8 male coupler and dust cap. ●Operated by hydraulic pump with rated pressure of 700 bar. Parameters:

Mechanical Wedge Spreader, HHP-8

Mechanical Wedge Spreader Model: HHP-8  Characteristics: Friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement with unique interlock wedge design. Eliminates flange damage and risk of spreading arm failure. Stepped spreader arm design – each step can spread under full load Requires very small access gap of only 6 mm Includes safety block and stepped blocks Parameters:

Hydraulic Flange Spreader, HHP-538, HHP-1054

Hydraulic Flange Spreader Model: HHP-538,HHP-1054  Characteristics: ●Lightweight, ergono mic design for ease of use. ●Adjustable jaw widths from 70 to 216 mm for a wide range of applications. ●Single-acting, spring return. ●Supplied with R2 3/8 male coupler and dust cap. ●Operated by hydraulic pump with rated pressure of 700 bar. Parameters:

Hydraulic Nut Splitter, HHQ-24B

Hydraulic Nut Splitter Model: HHQ-24B  Characteristics: Suitable for various applications: truck maintenance, pipeline industry, tank cleaning, petrochemical, iron and steel construction, mining, etc.   ●Compact and ergonomic design, easy to use. ●Unique angled head design. ●Heavy duty cutting head made of special steel. ●Sing acting, spring return. ●Supplied with R2 3/8 male coupler and dust…